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Cake design and decoration

Get crafty with our cake design and decorating courses that will have you wishing you could spend every day piping intricate icing over a freshly created cake.

Beginners will work on their foundation techniques in covering, decoration, piping, stenciling and colouring. Intermediates will advance their skills and learn additional trends and styles in modelling, decorations and piping.

Professionals in our advanced and master classes will enhance their extensive experience with new, modern and advanced techniques in traditional and contemporary cakes including figurines and modelling.

Cake decorating intensive – 5 day foundation skills

In this fun and hands-on program you will learn the fundamental skills of cake decorating.

Start date: Monday 25/09/2017 Duration 5 days

Cake decorating intensive – 5 day intermediate

Expand your skills to become an accomplished cake decorator and create some truly stunning cakes in the process.

Start date: Tuesday 03/10/2017 Duration 5 days